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Light Yagami is also known as Kira
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 My Favorite Quotes in DEATH NOTE ! :D

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PostSubject: My Favorite Quotes in DEATH NOTE ! :D   Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:46 pm

Yagami Light Quotes Very Happy
I am Justice!
I will erase him!
The real battle starts now
I am Kira
You can't EVER WiN if you're always on the defensive , to win you have to attack
I won .... Just as planned
I'll Kill Him
I'm going to be the god of that new world, and you'll be the Goddness
I've already known about your plan. I'll win without fail

Want to see all the quotes in death note?
Go Here:

Share your favorite quotes too !Very Happy
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My Favorite Quotes in DEATH NOTE ! :D
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